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Trading Cards Storage Boxes – Get Organized!

If you are in the hobby of collecting trading cards, whether they be sports cards or some other type of trading cards, then you have probably amassed a large amount of cardsfor which you would need trading cards storage boxes. I’m not talking about shoes boxes or recycled boxes from Amazon…you would only throw your trading cards into these type of boxes if you did not care about them. Rather, I’m talking about cardboard boxes designed to keep your trading cards safe, neat, protected and organized.

You may also be in the situation where you may not have a huge mass of trading cards, rather you may have a select few that are your prize gems and you would like to keep them in some type of storage box or container that is presentable yet effective for keep your valuable collection safe and protected.

Things to think about when choosing trading cards storage boxes

There are several types of storage boxes for your trading cards and which one or ones you choose will depend on some variables, for example:

  1. How many trading cards you have
  2. Your overall collecting goal
  3. Portability
  4. Storage preferences

Types of storage boxes

There are many options when it comes to storage boxes for your trading cards, for example:

  • Cardboard storage boxes
    • 1-row – holds about 1,000 trading cards
    • 2-row – holds about 2,000 trading cards
    • 3-row – holds about 3,000 trading cards
    • 4-row – holds about 4,000 trading cards
  • Deck boxes, deck cases or “tower” boxes
    • These are designed to hold roughly about 100 or so cards and are very good for their portability
    • These can come in many different materials (e.g. cardboard, leather, plastic, etc.)
    • Good for transporting a small amount of cards from one place to another
  • Plastic storage boxes
  • Leather storage boxes
  • Wooden storage boxes

Which storage box is right for you?

As mentioned above, there are many variables that would affect the type of trading cards storage box you that would be best for you.

Cardboard storage boxes

If you have a large amount of trading cards (i.e. roughly 1,000 to 4,000), then one option could be the cardboard storage boxes that can be purchased as a 1-row storage box, 2-row box, 3-row box or 4-row box. Each row roughly holds 1,000 cards; that is, 1,000 trading cards per row.

If you go with these cardboard storage boxes, then there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • First, rather than putting your trading cards in there without any protection, I would recommend first putting them into plastic sleeves like the Ultra Pro Card Sleeves. This will eliminate the contact between the cards and between the card and the storage box in order to keep the cards from sticking to each other and in order to keep those edges sharp.
  • Second, be mindful of the weight. If you go with the 4-row cardboard storage box and you fill it, then this could be quite heavy and awkward to carry.
  • Third, if you are going to be transporting your cards from place to place, then cardboard storage boxes may not be the most ideal material to protect your more valuable cards from the weather, damage, and any other unforeseen factors.

Deck boxes, deck cases or “tower” boxes

For my more valuable cards that you may be transporting from one place to another, I would recommend a smaller box and one that is made of say plastic, leather or wood to protect it from any potential damage. These deck boxes or deck cases are perfect for this kind of functionality. However, be mindful that they don’t hold many cards (I would say roughly around 100 or so, but definitely check the specs on it before you purchase to see how many it would hold).

Plastic, leather and wooden storage boxes

These are more of the high end storage options for your trading cards in my opinion. They are very effective when it comes to protecting your cards from any outside damage. They come in a variety of options that take into account the presenation of your trading cards. In other words, they are aesthetically pleasing for your higher end collectible cards.

These are also very transportable.

The only word of caution that I would provide when it comes to this option is to make sure the width and height of the storage box can hold cards that you’ve placed in those Ultra Pro Plastic sleeves. No matter what type of trading card storage box you go with, I would always recommend placing your cards first into Ultra Pro Plastic sleeves for the reasons as previously stated.

I’ve encountered many plastic, leather and wooden storage boxes that although they look nice, were designed to hold raw cards and not those that are placed into plastic sleeves. Consequently, in order to get use out of those boxes that I had already purchased, I’ve had to place my cards at an angle within the box so as not to force them in at 90 degree angles and risk creasing the plastic sleeves or damaging the cards.

What is your collecting goal?

Do you have thousands of cards that are currently in shoe boxes or just thrown randomly into other cardboard boxes that you would like to get organized?

Do you have a small collection but the trading cards are highly valuable?

How long do you think those cards will reside in those trading cards storage boxes?

Will you be transporting your trading cards from one place to another?

Do you have a preference for higher quality, aesthetically pleasing trading card storage boxes?

These are just examples of the potential questions to ask yourself to help you decide on which option or options are right for you. I myself have several kinds to fulfill my many purposes.

Whichever option you choose, just be mindful that there are positives and negatives to each one, so you really have to consider your overall purpose or objective…and as always, have fun collecting and organizing!


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